New Outreach Effort Launched!

Dan Lenington on October 21, 2014


After a few years of inactivity, Grace and Truth Bible Church is excited to begin reaching our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ once again! In the past, we claimed the title of "a soul winning church" but in recent years we have neglected Christ command to systematically go to our local community (Judea) our capital city (Jerusalem) our region (Samaria) and our world. We have supported many foreign missionaries over the years and in our small way have reach out to the "uttermost part of the world." However, we are getting back to the first mission field emphasized by Christ, our home region of Hummelstown, Hershey, and Harrisburg. This is not an effort to build a church (which Christ said He would do. Matt. 16:18). It is simply a desire to be obedient to the command of Christ to go and teach every person how to have their sin forgiven through the payment of Jesus Christ on the cross resulting in a relationship with God by faith (Matt. 28:19-20). Then, we desire to baptize each believer into the church body where they can grow and be discipled into a mature Christian. Our goal is to reach every person and every household with this message of salvation for we have seen first hand how it gives hope, peace, joy, satisfaction, purpose, and healing. If we have knocked on your door or you have received information from us, please know that it's because we care for you and want you to find the joy and forgiveness in Christ that we have found. We encourage you come visit us so that we may provide you with a loving community where you can learn the truth and learn how to apply it in life changing ways. We are not a perfect church nor are we perfect people. We are simply sinners saved by God's grace, and we want to share that grace with you. Please let us know how we may serve and strengthen you and your family in the Lord. May God richly bless you!