God's Way is Perfect

Dan Lenington on December 30, 2015


          When approaching the topic of homosexuality, one must first realize that God has ordained a specific arrangement for the family and romantic relationships, which cannot be deviated from. God is the absolute by His very definition and as such, His revelation of the reality and identity of sin is absolute. If God declares something to be against His natural order then it is most assuredly sin. To realize the error of homosexuality from God’s pattern, one must examine His divine order through His character, and His biblical precepts, principles, precedents, and perspectives. First, God’s character is violated by homosexuality in three specific ways. God’s sovereignty is challenged, when one demands to choose what gender he will emulate instead of acting in accordance with the one God has given him. This thought process denies the fact that God is in control and perfect in His sovereignty over all. Another characteristic of God which is violated by homosexuality is His wisdom. This attribute connects logically to His sovereignty but highlights God’s correctness in His choices. Homosexuality violates this attribute by indicating that God made a mistake in his choice of how to form an individual physically. A third characteristic violated by this sin is God’s creatorship. God created mankind as male and female specifically with no combination or reversibility. Each of these violations of God’s character is serious enough to condemn the practice of homosexuality. 

            The clearest method of examining the sin of homosexuality is to understand the Biblical precepts and principles involved. Leviticus 18:22 calls it an abomination before God. I Timothy 1:10 lists it along with other clearly wicked sins. Romans 1:27 calls it a “vile affection,” unseemly,” and “error.” If homosexuality is found in these contexts and labeled with specific terms for sin, then it is undoubtedly wrong in God’s eyes. I Corinthians 6:9 even states that the “effeminate” and “abusers of themselves with mankind” will not inherit the kingdom of God. This verse does not teach that a homosexual cannot be saved, or if saved can lose salvation. Instead, it indicates a loss of reward in the kingdom of God.  Many scriptural principles also apply to this issue. Genesis 1:27 and 5:2 underline the fact that God made mankind as male and female. Psalm 100:3 states that God has made man who he is. If one objects then he is objecting to God’s sovereign and wise choice. Ecclesiastes 3:11 reminds the believer that everything God has made in His time is perfect, or complete lacking nothing. Romans 9:20 shows one the error of rejecting God’s choice in forming him. As the potter has power of over the clay to make what he desires, so God has the power and prerogative to make each individual how he chooses. Finally, God declared in Genesis 1:31 that everything created was very good. Homosexuality denies this by indicating that one may be better as something God did not design him to be.

            Scripture also provides a clear precedent of God’s judgment upon the sin of homosexuality in Genesis 19. This passage is clearly speaking of this sin since the men of Sodom desired to “know” the angels. While some will argue that they simply wanted to get to know them. This interpretation is false since Genesis contains 10 of the 12 times “know” refers to intercourse in the Bible, Lot offered his daughters to the men as substitutes, and God severely judges the nation. Ezekiel 16:49-50 does not deny this but simply reveals other sins of Sodom as well as mentioning their abomination. Jude 7 clearly identifies their sin as fornication with “strange flesh,” or flesh of a different unnatural kind. Judges 19-20 records a similar passage only concerning Israel and the Benjamites. God judges this tribe severely. Even if one is strongly tempted in this area, he can change his desires by yielding to the biblical perspective in Psalm 18:30 that God’s way is perfect. By the grace of God, and gradual growth, He can gain victory over this sin.