Benefits of Belief

Dan Lenington on October 11, 2016


When we notice the pleasure the world offers to us in the forms of ungodly movies, TV, music, relationships, parties etc., we may be tempted to think that living for God and saying no to sin is not really worth it. However, if we choose to live like God and His rules are meaningless, much more than our fun will be affected. If the personal God of the Bible is not the standard for our life, we will first lose a frame of reference by which to evaluate everything around us. Without God’s transcendent standards of right and wrong, everything becomes just man’s opinions. No one can say that murder, rape, child abuse, theft, lies, or destruction of our planet are wrong. If there is no God, or if we live like there is no God, then we are only biological machines and nothing a machine does is right or wrong because it has no will of its own. The philosophy of evolution provides no basis for calling any behavior wrong. Rather it would argue for eliminating anyone who is a drain on society. One who rejects moral absolutes consistently can live however he wants producing chaos and violence. A second consequence for living without God’s direction is a loss of purpose and value. If God is not our standard of what is good and right then what makes anything worthwhile? All we are left with is personal opinion. Art, human life, and our planet have no inherent, absolute value. We are just a bunch of chemicals, and elements randomly cobbled together with no rhyme or reason. Therefore, destruction of property, art, endangered species, and even human life should not bother anyone who wants to live without God. How can he say that something has value without a higher principle than his own opinion? Another thing we lose by living without God’s value system is peace. Events and circumstances without a faith and hope in God working out His will in our lives leave us hopeless and worried. Ultimately, by pursuing the temporary pleasure of sin, we lose the lasting joy that can be found by remaining in perfect fellowship with God (1 John 1:3-10). Sin will only leave you empty and in more pain. Reject the world’s way and choose to follow God’s path to full joy (Ps. 16:11).