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Grieving with Hope

A ministry for those who are grieving

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Hello, my name is Al. I am one of the facilitators for the grief program at Grace and Truth Bible Church. I would like to share with you what grieving with hope looks like. This course runs for 13 weeks and will start and end as the need presents itself to us. Please consider coming or telling a friend that is in need to join us. We will begin our first block of classes on Tuesday, October 6th. 

What are we about?

Most churches do a wonderful job of caring for grieving people in the immediate days surrounding a death and funeral. Things like: meals, services, cards, flowers, visitations, etc., but soon the people go back to their daily routines. Do they understand the deep prolonged impact caused by the death of a loved one? The griever may need ongoing support and encouragement for months afterwards or perhaps even longer. This is what grieving with hope will do for the one who is grieving. We want to be there to support and encourage you as you grieve along with others who are grieving.

Grief is difficult for everyone impacted by death. As Christians who are grieving, we find hope in our relationship with Jesus Christ and the promise He gave us of eternity in heaven. But imagine the pain of grief without this hope.

For non-Christians these 13 sessions of grieving with hope are gently presented with the hope and healing that can only come from God through a relationship with Jesus Christ. In this program we will stress the importance of that relationship with Christ as the foundation of healing.

In our culture, grief is one of the most significant spiritual turning points in a person's life. Due to this we will deal with the spiritual aspects of grief. The pain of grief is one of the most intense feelings a human being can face. The emotional damage cuts to the soul. We believe that true healing of this pain can only come from God's presence in the life of a person experiencing it.

As believers in Jesus Christ, we know the message of Christ cannot be forced on anyone, but we do have the responsibility to point people hurting from grief to the only source of true healing, Jesus Christ.

With this said, we ask the Holy Spirit to guide and direct this program so that everything we do and say be to the honor and glory of Him and for our good. Welcome to Grieving with Hope!

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